Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Day 4 was the pinnacle of men’s fashion it gave us true masculine style from all angles whether it was classical men’s tailoring which is the quintessential business man that looks put together from day to night in his clean lines and suiting. To the rock and roll man who just oozes sex appeal on the stage making everyone want to sleep with him and take off those flashy accessorized jackets or lastly to the uber hyper masculine outdoor mans man who could kill a bear with his bare hands dressed in his leather and plaids and make everyone feel safer with them around. No matter what type of man you admire or enjoy looking at the collections from day 4 had exactly what everyone wants, a well-dressed man! and here are some of the stand outs:

1 // Burberry
2 // Tom Ford
3 // Belstaff
4 // Burberry
5 // Tom Ford
6 Gieves Hawkes
7 // Belstaff

8 // Craig Green

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