Monday, February 16, 2015


Celebrating the past with a party for the future, a few weekends ago I attended the holiday party for my workplace. Which celebrates all of our hard work from the past year and gives us a night to enjoy ourselves and interact with all of our coworkers. Enjoying their company, while preparing ourselves for the New Year. Now this post wasn’t intentionally suppose to be the debut of my blonde hair (due to scheduling conflicts) especially since it isn’t touched up due to the fact that it has to repair itself from the continual dye jobs, but it is and it ended up looking cool with this outfit. I really enjoyed the outcome of this look because it is the perfect outfit for a night out or dinner. It is a bit on the edgier side, which I tend to lean towards because there is, always a dramatic flair to an edgy look, which I feel, creates dynamic interest and visual impact and sometimes you just want to stand out. This look does just that!

ASOS // Extra Wide Brim Hat
Zara // Black Asymmetrical Zip Jacket
ASOS // White Button Down
ASOS // Black Polka Dot Vest
Topman // Metal Bow-Tie
Zara // Wax Coated Jeans
ASOS // Grey Ankle Boots
ASOS // Leather Wrap Bracelet

ASOS // Geometric Ring

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