Saturday, June 20, 2015


A few months ago I did a photoshoot with the amazing Lisa Miller and we did a few quick snaps for my blog. And here are the results, they turned out amazing and if you like what you see you should definitely check out her website. With that being said I have a few different looks and they’ll come out in a series with this being the first. 

This outfit is basically an expression of what I’d probably consider my go to look, because anytime I cant really think about putting an outfit that’s cool, unique or fashion forward together I end up with this, a basic white t-shirt, jeans, some type of cool jacket and a hat. Not saying it is a bad thing because its not it’s actually the easiest thing to put together and can sometimes be the best-looking outfit in a crowd. Since its not fighting for attention and just looks cleaner and more put together. Though don’t forget that this is your outfit so make sure you style it the way you want to. With this specific outfit I chose to add these amazing shoes from Zuriick just to add some more depth to the look.

H & M // Leather Jacket
H & M // White T-Shirt
Zara // Waxed Coated Jeans
Zuriick // 2-Toned Shoes
Unhinged // Grey Trilby Hat
ASOS // Headphone Necklace

ASOS // Teal Signet Ring

Photogrpahy / Lisa Miller
Website //
Instagram // @lisamillerphoto

Monday, May 25, 2015


I am always looking for new ways to reinvent myself, I don’t know why I think its because at a subconscious level I get bored with everything around me. This may sound horrible to some but for me it just seems normal because I have so many different thins I love to do that I forget about some of them and jump straight into something new so when I rediscover certain things I get this feeling that I was bored in what I was doing. Though over the years I have found many different ways to control this so I don’t make rash decisions and the main way is through fashion.

I think that is why I love this industry so much because it is always changing and reinventing itself with new trends, new ideas, and new philosophies. So it makes perfect sense that I’d be drawn to something that is ever changing and evolving on a daily basis. Recently my style has been defined by the lack of color and minimalistic tendencies, now I know I will never change my style from there because it has taken me years to realize what I actually loved to wear and what I feel comfortable in, but how do you keep that from getting boring. The answer is easy! Its by how you style it, even if your set in your ways there are ways to reinvent your style into a new style while keeping what you love.

 In this outfit you can see there is still a lack of color but there is also new bohemian elements thrown in to give the look a whole new vibe. By adding a scarf as a faux fox tail look and an oversized hat it brings this kind of 70’s hippy flair and by accessorizing heavily with necklaces and jewelry it continues to add the depth to the look, and by pairing all that over a very modern minimalistic base you get a reinvented look on a classic style creating a new fashion forward look that is bound to get heads to turn, definitely in a good way though!

All Saints // Grey Hat
ASOS // Floral Sleeve T-Shirt
Topman // Grey Shorts
ASOS // Graphic Scarf
Converse // White Chuck Taylor High Tops
ASOS // Coin Necklace
The Giving Keys // Transcend Necklace
ASOS // Leather Wrap Bracelet
ASOS // Feather Ring
Forever21 // Geometric Ring
Unhinged // Custom Spoon Ring

Friday, April 17, 2015


Life can be unpredictable and you’ll never be able to fully control what happens in it. Whether its during those extremely awesome highs where everything is going right or if its during those deepest lows were you just want to give up. But like I said there is no controlling it and in life there is always a balance. Like a balance between good and evil or light and darkness, no matter what happens the key is to live life through it and to always humble yourself because you’ll never know what is going to happen next.

Now with that being said my second outfit from my quick weekend trip to Vegas was inspired by just that very concept of balance and the Lokai Bracelets that have mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest, which are the highest and lowest points on earth. Though there message is simple it is also effective, so for more information visit there website But as for the outfit I chose to resemble the idea of balance with black and white and a neutral gray to enhance the look just like the bracelets themselves.

ASOS // Black & White Color Blocked Jacket
H&M // White Oversized Tee
ASOS // Acid Washed Grey Shorts
CONVERSE // White Chuck Taylor High Tops
LOKAI // Bracelet

ASOS // Coin Necklace
ASOS // Black Aviators
APPLE // White iPhone 6 Silicon Case

Monday, April 13, 2015


Whenever I go on a vacation my biggest fear is looking like a tourist. Yes!!! I know that is a crazy thing to be afraid of, but it makes sense to me because why not still just dress good no matter the situation? To me a vacation is a time to wear whatever you want and experiment with fashion especially if your going somewhere that has a different style esthetic. The best thing for that is just to Google, fashion in that area and see what people are wearing and tailor your outfits to that but don’t forget your person style it still needs to be a reflection of you. But what if you have home court advantage well then there is no question about it, just wear your normal clothes.

Now a few weeks ago I took a trip to Las Vegas now I had “home court advantage” because I was born there and grew up there for many years and I knew exactly what to pack and wear since it ‘s in fact a piece of me. Style there is more about comfort because your always hot because the sun is out and its definitely a jeans a t-shirt place but that doesn’t mean you cant elaborate and elevate an outfit like that. So for this outfit, I paired a basic white tee with some distressed shorts and threw on a great faux leather sleeved win breaker and hat to help elevate the outfit while still keeping it simple and transitional for the weather. Shot on the top of a garage in downtown Las Vegas.

Forever 21 // Pork-Pie Hat
ASOS // Leather Sleeve Bomber Jacket
H&M // White Oversized T-Shirt
21 Men // Distressed Denim Shorts
Vans // SK8 High Tops
ASOS // Leather Wrap Bracelet
Unhinged // Custom Spoon Ring
The Giving Keys // Transcend Key Necklace