Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Print’s, print’s and more print’s day 3 continued off where day 2 left off and gave us even more prints and graphic quality clothing. In an age where menswear can get monotonous and predictable day 3 took us somewhere we don’t really see very often which is the boarder line of crazy. Now I may personal not like the almost non wearable fashion statements that some designers will show it doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them in fashion, if you can take just one piece from a crazy look and make it fashionable with an everyday ensemble than the designer has done their job. So I recommend that you take a look at the day 3 shows from London if that is your style. As for me I really enjoyed a lot of looks from day 3 to the sophisticated Alexander McQueen show to the graphic almost pop art coats from KTZ. I would also be kidding myself if I didn’t mention the mixed media’s that were going on between mixing prints and mixing textiles I found myself not being able to look away, I think it is one of the greatest things fashion has ever done because it always makes a look interesting even if the silhouette is simple. Though with all that being said hope you enjoy some of my favorite looks from LCM: day 3.

1 // Alexander McQueen
2 // Casely Hayford
3 // James Long
4 // Pringle of Scotland
5 // Casely Hayford
6 // KTZ
7 // Moschino

8 // Dunhill

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