Sunday, April 13, 2014


Outerwear in fashion is never going away so, how do you reinvent something that never changes. You blow it out of proportion! From shirts, to pants, to coats this season has seen many of silhouettes grow to a new normal, which is oversized. This trend is something that I have loved and been implementing into my own wardrobe casually. There is something unique about changing the way people perceive you by just dropping your sleeve hem to below your shoulder, or adding length to your coat. It makes people wonder and question their own styling choices. Not many people like or even want to attempt to wear such a trend because they aren’t sure if the can feel comfortable in it. Though the key to adapting this into your own style is simple you need to have balance. If you are going to wear an oversized top wear a tailored pant or vice versa. You don’t want to have both piece in your outfit oversized because you then look like a giant marshmallow man who looks like they will consume everything in their path while walking around. 
Salvatore Ferragamo // 1
Givenchy // 2
Dries Van Noten // 3
Haider Ackermann // 4

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