Sunday, April 13, 2014


// Mixed Media
Artist from all around use mix media as a way to express themselves and bring depth to there work whether it is painting on top of a photograph or adding three dimensional pieces to their two dimensional canvas. Either way it completely changes and overhauls the piece to a whole different level. So why not do that with fashion whether it is mixing textiles like leather and lace or to mixing prints like polka dots and stripes. It brings them like art to a different level. This trend was noticeable on many runways this season from London to Milan. It created elements that were both hard and soft, masculine and feminine, unique and different. Just reinforcing that there are no rules when it comes to fashion, since fashion is what each individual makes it, just like artist creating one of a kind pieces that can stand out in a world where there are no boundaries. These are some of my favorites from the runways.
Balenciaga // 1
Lanvin // 2
Salvatore Ferragamo // 3
Hermes // 4
Burberry // 5
Les Hommes // 6

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