Sunday, April 13, 2014


Though blue was a major color trend on the runways for Spring, it wasn’t the color making all of the statements but the way it was being outfitted. This coming Spring we will be seeing a lot of monochrome outfits in the same color range or hues, though nothing caught my eye more than the monochrome outfits in white. White on white is one of my favorite things ever, not only because it is eye catching but because it makes a statement, it shows that you are a risk taker. You can never have to much white in your wardrobe. White makes every outfit look clean and polished (if it is correctly treated to stay stark white and not that dingy off white). While making the outfit look expensive, just reference the Hampton’s parties where everyone is wearing tones of white. There are a few different ways to wear this trend depending on what your most comfortable in. The first way is in suiting which is perfect for beach parties and weddings, but the key is to not wear all one texture of white. Mix and match them, for example wear a linen suit and a gingham printed shirt like the Tom Ford look to add depth or add some piping in grey to your jacket adding dimension to the layers of white. The second way it everyday casual wear, like my earlier post just add a plain oversized tee to some white acid wash jeans while pairing it with some white shoes that you feel comfortable in. With this type of styling just add accessories whether its a coat or some simple jewelry that can add the depth needed for the look. Don’t forget this can be used for both casual and dressy outfits.
Givenchy // 1
Tom Ford // 2
Balmain // 3
Salvatore Ferragamo // 4

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