Saturday, June 20, 2015


A few months ago I did a photoshoot with the amazing Lisa Miller and we did a few quick snaps for my blog. And here are the results, they turned out amazing and if you like what you see you should definitely check out her website. With that being said I have a few different looks and they’ll come out in a series with this being the first. 

This outfit is basically an expression of what I’d probably consider my go to look, because anytime I cant really think about putting an outfit that’s cool, unique or fashion forward together I end up with this, a basic white t-shirt, jeans, some type of cool jacket and a hat. Not saying it is a bad thing because its not it’s actually the easiest thing to put together and can sometimes be the best-looking outfit in a crowd. Since its not fighting for attention and just looks cleaner and more put together. Though don’t forget that this is your outfit so make sure you style it the way you want to. With this specific outfit I chose to add these amazing shoes from Zuriick just to add some more depth to the look.

H & M // Leather Jacket
H & M // White T-Shirt
Zara // Waxed Coated Jeans
Zuriick // 2-Toned Shoes
Unhinged // Grey Trilby Hat
ASOS // Headphone Necklace

ASOS // Teal Signet Ring

Photogrpahy / Lisa Miller
Website //
Instagram // @lisamillerphoto


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