Saturday, January 10, 2015


Every season I get excited to see what trends are going to take precedence on the fashion community, and just like the rest of the world our eyes go to London first as we get to see the first glimpse of what’s to come now for me this is always amazing because I love British fashion. Whether it’s the vibe, the look, the feel, I don’t know there is always something that draws me into their world and the culture surrounding it. I also love how London is committed to the up and coming designers and have showcased how to build up a community, quite well might I add. So as LCM continues on for the next few days I will be showcasing some of my favorite looks from each day. Starting with day 1:

So far I’ve been loving what I am seeing from the men’s collections a bit of downtown grunge meets classic tailoring with a sixties and seventies vibe. With touches of navy and white and neutral grey’s it’s everything that I could ask for. I especially love the coats from MAN (4) and Christopher Kane (5). Since coats are the perfect accessories for any outfit because you can essentially where throw them on with anything.

1 // MAN
2 // Topman
3 // Coach
4 // MAN
5 // Christopher Kane
6 // Coach

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