Sunday, January 11, 2015


This outfit was shot a few weeks ago before the New Year and all the new changes that have happened, which will be showcased in an upcoming post. But I couldn’t let this get lost in the archives because it’s just a perfect example of classic menswear. Going all the way back to James Dean a fashion icon just chilling around in jeans and a t-shirt. So for every guy that thinks they cant dress nice with just jeans and a t-shirt then here is what I tell you, your fooling yourself. The easiest way to get attention is to spend the money on some great jeans that you feel comfortable in because if you feel comfortable in them you will radiate the confidence and it wont matter what else your wearing.  Though pairing that with a simple leather jacket and a great pair of shoes. Can take your look from simple to chic with out even trying. These are my favorite shoes from ASOS, I have been wearing them with almost every outfit because they are comfortable and match pretty much anything in my closet.

ASOS // Grey Leather Ankle Boots
ASOS // Black Super Skinny Jeanas
H&M // White T-Shirt
ASOS // Grey Leather Jacket
Forever 21 //  Black Pork-Pie Hat
The Giving Keys // Transcend Necklace
Unhinged // Custom Spoon Rings

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