Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Being symbolic means that you are serving as a symbol for something. Now what better way to be a symbol than for self-expression, by dressing for yourself. Some days I feel like dressing edgy and some day’s super preppy, but does that matter? Your style is a reflection of you, now if your mood changes it will subconsciously change the way you dress. Which means you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because it resembles the way you feel. Allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest because you’re not thinking about what others are saying because you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. This should be your motto everyday while getting dressed, because who cares! Now what better way to embrace this symbolic message with a tank full of symbols both recognizable and unknown to others. I’ve paired this tank with some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe for a very relaxed and transitional look that can be warn for any occasion, with a few tweaks here and there for a festive summer look.

ASOS // Graphic Tank
Urban Outfitters // Plaid Shirt
H & M // Navy Shorts
Vans // Suede-Canvas SK8-HI
Forever 21 // Pork Pie Hat
ASOS // Coin Necklace
Unhinged // Spoon Ring

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  1. I love your "Illuminati" tank top!

    Hope you're having an amazing week!

    Walk a million miles