Sunday, August 17, 2014


Not many people can say that they’re content with their lives, meaning that they are in a state of happiness and satisfaction. The reason being is that finding that state of complete happiness is almost impossible, because nothing in life is perfect and nor should it be! We should want to push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, and striving to be better than we were, by doing things that make a difference.

I have never learned this lesson more than I have from my cousin Stevie who passed away, way to soon because of a rare medical condition that she had. But not only did she not let this stop her from making a difference in all of our lives, my family that took care of her never let her feel different. Allowing her to do anything she wanted because it wasn’t a matter of “can she do that” it was always “how can we.” How can we make this happen for her because she wants to do it and how can we find the best way to make it happen? So if I ever feel like my life is struggling and nothing is working out for me, I remember that an 8 year old girl had it worse than me and never once complained but found a way to make thing happens and inspire many people during her journey. 

So in honor of my favorite human in the world who has made such an impact in my life and how I want to live. I created this outfit, of all my favorites; my favorite jeans I could wear everyday if possible, My favorite boots from this month because the are extremely comfortable, My favorite accessories because they can be worn with literally anything, and of course my favorite sweater which just happens to be named after the one and only Stevie-Rooney! 

Inspiration comes in many forms, so let fashion inspire you and others but don’t ever let anyone hold you back from being yourself because life as we know it is to short to care. So make the impact and the difference you want to make in your own way, so you can be content with the decisions you are making.

T-Squad // The Stevie Sweater
Levi’s // 510 Super Skinny’s
ASOS // Distressed Ankle Boots
Forever 21 // Pork-Pie Hat
ASOS // Coin Necklace
Unhinged // Spoon Ring
Hex // Denim & Leather iPhone 5 Case

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