Sunday, July 20, 2014


Summer weddings are some of the most beautiful and picturesque moments you can witness but for a guy this could be the hardest thing to dress for, because you start to go through your head and think. Can I wear shorts, do I have to wear a blazer, how hot is it going to be, and the reason being is we only have a few options when it comes to dressing for formal events other than pants and a shirt. So the question becomes how do you find an outfit that is both comfortable and meets the dress code requirements? 

Well I have figured out a few tricks to help in this situation. The first is that your outfit should work with or with out a jacket because if you were to take it off you want the same impactful impression that was there while it was on. Second remember that it is a celebration so keep it comfortable, and third be yourself. This means that if you are a classic dresser than keep to your style but if you are like me and a bit preppy/quirky then opt for a similar outfit that encompasses your personality. I chose to go with a pair of waxed jeans because they are comfortable and the wax coating makes them look more dressy than just a simple pair of jeans and I paired it with a classic white shirt with some minimal details to enhance the overall look, and of course my favorite signature pieces a bow-tie and suspenders. 

H&M // White Button Down
American Apparel // Suspenders
Nordstrom’s // Bow-Tie
Zara // Waxed Coated Denim Jeans
ASOS // Ombre Boots
Fossil // Gunmetal Watch
ASOS // Black Bar Ring

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