Sunday, July 6, 2014


If there were one day in American history that everyone has a freak out moment with and feels the need to overly celebrate that holiday with every fiber of their being, it would be Independence Day also known as the Fourth of July. It seems to me that people go crazy with what they wear and the mass amount fireworks they purchase. So in true American spirit I thought I would jump on this ban wagon of dressing in true ‘Merican mode. The reason being that I would be attending a backyard BBQ and a firework show and it only felt like the right thing to do. 

Though I of course would have to put my own spin on the outfit and not go the traditional route of Stars and Stripes. So I opted for Denim Overalls because if that doesn’t scream ‘Merican history I don’t know what does. It is the epitome of classic American style and I was lucky enough to find this great pair from Zara that can be styled in a few different ways. Which I paired with a simple white tank top, and of course the required colors for the day in my Red converse and H & M hat.

As with every outfit, interpret it into your own wardrobe, as you would like. Based on your own style and the weather in your area. Don’t forget to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and to enjoy your day!


H & M // Red SnapBack
American Apparel // Tank Top
Zara // Distressed Denim Overalls
Converse // Red Chuck Taylor High Tops
ASOS // Aviator Glasses
River Island // Bar Ring

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