Sunday, April 13, 2014


Climate Change // this past weekend I took a little vacation to clear my head and do some massive shopping. But I had to be prepared for the huge climate change going from 40-degree weather and needing jackets and hoodies to the amazing 75 plus degree weather of Las Vegas where I would be spending the next five days. I chose to throw on a simple white tank with a grey pocket with some denim shorts because the weather looked beautiful. But there was a cold front coming in causing a breezy wind. So I paired it with a chambray shirt for when it got a bit to chilly. This is an easy outfit that anyone can wear if vacationing in a warmer location because of its easy simple nature. Though still looking fashion forward while on vacation (making you not look like a tourist). To add more fashionable elements you can add an amazing pair of shoes and some simple accessories. This was just the first of four outfits that I shot while on vacation, so keep an eye out for the others coming soon.
H & M // Chambray Shirt
American Apparel // Big Pocket Tank
ASOS // Denim Shorts
ASOS // Coin Necklace
Forever 21 // Bar Ring
Zuriick // Grey Shoes

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