Sunday, April 13, 2014


// Print Mixing 
Wearing a print can really be a challenge for the unadventurous fashionista but what does that matter. By wearing a print you can add visual interest to a minimalistic outfit. Though being minimalistic isn’t a problem in fact it’s my favorite way to dress, there is still a place for prints and whether your like this seasons designers and take prints to the extreme by mixing two to create a bold statement or if you take more of a simplistic approach by pairing it it with everyday basics. Prints can both enhance and destroy a look if not done correctly. The keys to know when pairing prints together are to choose two complimentary prints that don’t clash but how do we know what prints to pair together you ask. Its simple the easiest way to achieve balance with prints are to choose different scale or sizes of prints. For example you could pair a simple polka-dot with an oversized stripe or floral and be fine, because by having two different sized prints they aren’t competing for attention allowing your look to still be bold but not overpowering. Though if your not wanting to take such risks stick with pairing one article of printed clothing with basics, either jeans for a casual look or suiting for a more professional look.
1 / Vivienne Westwood
2 / Temperly London
3 / Etro
4 / J. Mendel
5 / Fendi
6 / Emilio Pucci
7 / Balenciaga
8 / Anna Sui

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