Sunday, April 13, 2014


If there is one color that I love to wear and think looks good on everybody it would be white. Even though white is not considered a color but a tint that you add to make colors lighter. It is a color to me, because I mean you ask what color a marshmallow is, your response is white. So therefore it is a color since you use it to describe items. So for this look I paired some of my favorite white pieces with items in shades of grey and black to add a geometric and high contrasting element to this monochromatic outfit.
ASOS // Acid Wash Vest
American Apparel // Grey Zip Hoodie
H & M // Graphic Tee
Forever 21 // Hat
H & M // White Slim Fit Jeans
Steve Madden // Black Combat Boots
Fossil // Gunmetal Watch
Forever 21 // Eagle Necklace

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