Sunday, April 13, 2014


 Spring/Summer has definitely brought some new life into men’s fashion and what’s to come in the future. Nothing stands out to me more then my favorite trend from the entire season, which is the men’s jumpsuit. I remember when H&M did collaboration with Fashion Against Aids and in that collection they had a jumpsuit for men, I wanted it but with no H&M where I lived I couldn’t have it. Since then I have hoped it would take off and this season it did. With not many options for men this brings a since of freshness to a world dominated by suiting and tailoring. I am excited to see where this trend goes and how many people actually embrace this new look I know I will.
Balmain // 1
Balmain // 2
Belstaff // 3
Jean Paul Gaultier // 4
Hermes // 5
Lanvin // 6

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