Sunday, October 26, 2014


Being in the midst of the seasons changing, I thought I would throw it back to one of my favorite casual outfits I wore during the summer. For some reason I never got around to posting this but felt that it was the perfect outfit to showcase as a goodbye to summer. Which means no more short shorts and no more short sleeves, and hello beanies, jackets, and boots. Though it is time for our wardrobes to change you can still take a few ideas from summer and put them into your fall and winter wardrobe, for instance just because you are switching to jackets doesn’t mean you can’t still throw a plaid or denim top over your waist like in this outfit here. Also don’t forget that if you weatherproof your shoes you can wear whatever you want during the colder months, so don’t take a step backwards into your comfort level. Keep pushing the boundaries of what you can wear all year long and embrace the seasonal changes into your wardrobe while combining things from all seasons. Well everything but maybe a bathing suit ;)

Cotton On // Cut and Sew T-Shirt
H & M // Navy Shorts
John Varvatos for Converse // Studded Chuck Taylor’s
H & M// Chambray Shirt
ASOS // Double Coin Necklace
Topman // Key Ring
Cheap Monday // 3 Bar Ring

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