Sunday, April 20, 2014


Some days you really just wish you were somewhere else, and for me it has been Coachella, with the second weekend passing, I have never been so sad about missing one of the greatest music festivals there is. Between the line ups and the fashion you see, it is definitely a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss. So with that being said I decided to put together a Coachella inspired outfit that can be interpreted for any music festival that you could possibly attend this summer.

Attendance at a music festival should prompt you to think of one thing and one thing only which is to stay comfortable. Meaning if it’s in a desert then your goal should be to stay cool and if it’s in a rainy place your goal should be staying dry, while still keeping your sense of fashion. With that being said the only advice I can really give you is layer, layer, layer because weather it’s a plaid tied around your waist you can throw on if it get's to cold, or a fringe scarf you can take off, if it gets to hot. Keeping your clothing transitional is the key to staying comfortable in any situation.

Topman // Felt Hat
D.I.Y // T-shirt Fringe Scarf
ASOS // Rorschach Print Tank
21 Men // Denim Shorts
Urban Outfitters // Boots
ASOS // Feather Ring
Forever 21 // Metal Bar Ring
Unhinged // Spoon Ring
EBay // Faux Fox Tail
ASOS // Aviator Sunglasses

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