Saturday, April 19, 2014


If there is one thing I would tell people to spend the money on, it would be shoes because any outfit can be simple and plain but if you add a really cool shoe it can take the look from ordinary to extraordinary. I’ve had these shoes for a while and never had the chance to wear them due to my busy schedule and extra dance rehearsals until now, because my friends invited me out for dinner and drinks. I really liked the way the look came out
 and pegging the jeans really allowed the shoes to be showcased, which is good 
since they were the stars of this outfit and they’re on of my favorite purchases 
from the past few months.

H & M // Navy Fedora
American Apparel // V-Neck T-Shirt
21 Men // Windbreaker
Levi’s // 510 Skinny Jeans
ASOS // Ombre Boots
Topman // Geometric Necklace
Unhinged // Spoon Ring

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  1. Really liking the ombre boots. Never bought anything from Asos but always am debating this may have got me to go over the edge and do it.