Sunday, April 13, 2014


Any time there is an excuse to wear a bowtie, everyone should jump to throw it on. A bowtie is a simple accessory that creates a simple statement that shows you aren’t afraid to take risks or be adventurous, and can take a simple casual look and dress it up a bit. For this look I pair one of my favorite polka dot shirts with a simple pair of jeans, which is perfect for a family gathering or an interview. If you were going to wear this to an interview I recommend keeping your accessories to a minimum you don’t want to over flash your skills.
For men’s accessories I know its normal for you to match your belt to your shoes, but why conform and do what’s expected. You don’t always have to match (even though I am a big proponent for matchy matchy) I think that you can break away from these rules if you are doing it in a subtle way. Like I am doing here, the white belt matches the bowtie and keeps the look clean, and the shoes are matching the other accessories so its not distracting and breaking the look up. It’s all about keeping the look pulled together so, take risks with your accessory choices but make sure they are cohesive with the rest of what your wearing.
 H & M // Polka Dot Shirt
Levi // 510 Skinny Jeans
21 Men // Weekend Duffle
Fossil // Gunmetal Watch
ASOS // Skinny Belt
Nordstrom // White Bow Tie
Forever 21 // Pork Pie Hat

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