Sunday, April 13, 2014


Summer Plaid // The weather today has been pretty spastic, it will be cloudy and rainy one second then blistering hot the next. So I created this really lazy outfit that could adapt to both weather situations. I paired this extreme razor back tank top from ASOS, with a simple blue plaid that I could throw on when it got cloudy and started to rain. Overall the look itself is pretty simple and is perfect for a lazy weekend hanging out with friends when you don’t want to get ready or do your hair. The key to this type of look for me is accessorizing because if you don’t care, throwing on some accessories like a necklace, rings or a beanie looks like you thought about your look with out putting to much effort into it.

ASOS // Burnout Tank
21 Men // Plaid Shirt
ASOSl // Denim Shorts
Urban Outfitters // White Ked's
ASOS // Clock Necklace
21 Men // Grey Beanie
ASOS // Rings

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