Monday, April 14, 2014


Keep it simple. For the holiday season it’s important to remember that simple is sometimes the best option, don’t over crowd your outfit with to many prints or to many layers. This outfit is the perfect example. It’s a simple white shirt with a black blazer and bow tie. Of course you can add whatever accessories you want but keep in mind you want to simplify those as well, because I chose a really cool ring I opted out from wearing a watch. This concept is ideal for anyone because there isn’t much to it. Again make sure you add your own personality to your outfits. If you like bright colors put a bright blazer or shirt with the outfit but keep the overall theme simple with out mixing to many things together.
H & M // Black Velvet Blazer
H & M // White Oxford Button Up Shirt
Levi’s // 510 Super Skinny Jeans
ASOS // Black Leather Chelsea Boots
Topman // Metal Bow-Tie
ASOS // Geometric Deer Ring
H & M // Bowler Hat
Forever 21 // Black Reader Glasses

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