Monday, April 14, 2014



When you think of something replicated each season you think of a coat. But how do you make something that is repetitive every season, something new that you want to wear. Again it comes down to personal style, you chose things that you want to wear and in fabrics you like, and instead of going for the same old boring solid colors. This season designers went for a more individualistic approach and allowed the viewer to experience amazing coats in one of a kind prints. Now again this is not something that everyone can wear but there are different types of prints that can suit different types of men, from subtle subdued prints that almost are muted together so that from far away it look like a single color, to bold and outgoing prints that make a statement. Either way a printed coat is going to be big this season, and by choosing one that fits your style and one that you feel comfortable in will be the key to mastering this type of look.

1 / Burberry
2 / E. Tautz
3 / Versace
4 / Haider Ackerman
5 / Dolce & Gabbanna
6 / Dries Van Noten
7 / Alexander McQueen
8 / Etro

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